2012's basic halibut and/or salmon 3-night charter price will be $650 per client*. CALL OR EMAIL FOR RATES FOR 2013 AND BEYOND!! This price covers all fishing and fish gear for the three nights aboard 'NSANITY and/or at Ellamar. I can arrange for longer charters with advance notice starting at $325 per client per day after the initial 3 night charter. I offer a 5% discount for all 6 clients if you book the entire boat. We reserve the right to cancel the charter due to weather or mechanical safety issues, under the terms described in our Refund Policy. We reserve the right to cancel a charter or shift clients to another vessel/charter company if less than 5 clients are booked for a Halibut Charter or less than 2 clients for a Salmon Charter.

You can also "Buy the Boat" for $3575 for the 3-nite charter for up to 5 clients! I also offer a 36-hour overnight charter for $600/client, with 6 clients (full boat) required--We leave the Valdez Dock at 7 AM on Day 1 and return by 7 PM on Day 2.

You will need to obtain your own Fishing License from an Alaskan Vendor or online at www.admin.adfg.state.ak.us . Valdez Fish Derby tickets can be purchased in Valdez.

1/2 Day Silver Charters run from 7 AM to Noon or 1 PM to 6 PM and are priced at $190/client. Full Day Silver Charters run from 8 AM to 6 PM and are priced at $325/client. 4 Client minimum!

We can arrange for DIY Ellamar Lodge Rentals for $135/client bunk/night plus $300/client (full boat Group Rate) for Round-Trip transportation from Valdez. Round-Trip transport only from Valdez for: 1 or 2 clients = $1000; 3 clients = $1350; 4 clients = $1600; 5 clients = $1750; 6 clients = $1800.

Other fishing, sight-seeing or drop-off packages can be arranged with enough advance notice.

*There may be a slight FUEL SURCHARGE added if diesel fuel prices go over $4.75/gal.*


Note: You are reponsible for processing your own fish!

A $200/client deposit is required to confirm your reservation.

Questions? Please contact me!


Valdez Fishing Charters

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