Ken only does overnight Halibut Charters. During Silver season he does both overnight and day Silver Charters. We try to leave the Valdez Dock at 5 PM on Day 1 and arrive back there by Noon on Day 4, on the 3-nite charters. We try to leave the Valdez Dock at 7 AM on Day 1 and arrive back there by 7 PM on Day 2, on the 1-nite charters.

This allows two full days (and limits) of fishing for Halibut and/or Salmon with lots of sight seeing, including Columbia Glacier, Ellamar, Whales, Birds, Bear, Deer, and more.

We normally stop at our Ellamar Lodge on the evening of Day 3 of our 3-nite charters, subject to Lodge availability. We tie up to our Ellamar floating dock for Fish Processing and to skiff to/from our shore-based lodge. The Ellamar Lodge is a great place for sight seeing, showers, Bar-B-Q and Land Leg re-acquisition. We have you bring your own main course foodstuffs, snacks, and libations of choice, while we furnish all the typical condiments.

The map to the right shows fishing areas that our charter frequently uses if our clients do not provide alternative plans. See a map of current weather conditions in Prince William Sound here.

Also plan on bringing your own sleeping bag, rubber boots and rain gear: try to fit an extra change of clothes and gear in one backpack per client. Knee-high Rubber Boots are suggested for fishing and skiffing to/from our Ellamar Lodge. To keep our prices down, these are mainly DIY charters where everyone pitches in to bait their own hooks, clean their fish and help with the cooking and clean-up. The captain will gladly do demos!

We do not do Halibut Day Charters! Full Day Salmon Day Charters
normally run from 8 AM to 6 PM. 1/2-Day Salmon Charters normally run from 7 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 6 PM. We can also arrange specialty tours.....

Please remember, no firearms!

Due to 9/11, the USCG may search any vessels leaving or entering the Port of Valdez.

Questions? Please contact me!



Valdez Fishing Charters

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