On our 3-nite halibut charters, we normally stop at our Ellamar Lodge on the last night for sight-seeing, showers, Bar-B-Q and Land Leg re-acquisition, subject to Lodge availability. KAYAKERS WELCOME! Ellamar is an old turn-of-the-century mine and cannery site. SANITY CHARTERS is in the process of completing a new (2nd) bunkhouse facility, with 3 bedrooms, bunkroom, bath and kitchen for up to groups of 10 clients. It will hopefully be at least usable in 2012, at reduced rates, until completed.

We have you bring your own main course foodstuffs (see sample menu), snacks, and drinks of choice, while we furnish all the typical condiments.

Also plan on bringing your own sleeping bag, rubber boots and rain gear. Try to fit an extra change of clothes and gear in one backpack for each person.

We can also arrange for just Ellamar Lodge DIY Rentals for $135/client bunk/night and $300/person (6 person Group Rate) for Round-Trip transportation from Valdez to Ellamar. See Charter Prices tab for transport only rates.

Rental of the Lodge includes use of our 16' or 17' outboard skiffs, and two each, 2-person Kayaks for DIY fishing and sight seeing, subject to availability. A skiff is used for client transport to/from the Lodge from 'N Sanity's Floating Dock at Ellamar. Please note the Main Lodge is furnished with power and water and is mostly finished. The new (2nd) bunkhouse/lodge is planned to be usable for sleeping initially, with power and water to follow in 2012.


More pictures can be found on the gallery.


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